In January 2015 Ketter&Co was asked to present their work from the “Collection Veenhuizen” at an exhibition created by Jeroen Junte who is a Dutch design criticus for the Dutch newspapers. Together with Esther Jongsma from studio VANTOT I created this presentation of the products of the collection. Collection Veenhuizen is a collection of products and projects inspired by the environment, architecture and history of Veenhuizen. These products/projects are all designed by young promising students, mostly from the Design Academy Eindhoven and mostly made by the prisoners of diverce prisons in the Netherlands.

NEXT UP by Jeroen Junte: Dutch Design by an involved post crisis generation.

For this Kazerne exhibition, guest curator Jeroen Junte selected an overview of the latest generation of Dutch designers. Featuring almost 200 works by over 60 designers – including Marjan van Aubel, Teresa van Dongen, Dave Hakkens, Dirk van der Kooij, Arnout Meijer, Aliki van der Kruijs, Lex Pott, Thomas Vailly & Laura Lynn Jansen, Sander Wassink and Jolan van der Wiel – the exhibition is the first overview of the generation that came of age during the credit crunch. Junte: “The engagement and open-mindedness of these young designers is remarkable. They think in terms of opportunities and solutions rather than problems and obstacles.”

NEXT UP is the world’s first exhibition presenting the entire spectrum of post-crisis design. This new generation of designers elaborates on the inquisitive, critical attitude of Dutch design, while at the same time striving to contribute positively to social issues. These engaged designers don’t just ask questions, they also look for answers. They deploy instinct and intuition just as much as conceptual exploration and a critical attitude. They are both thinkers and doers.

Guest curator Jeroen Junte on NEXT UP:

“Yes, of course, contemporary young designers came of age during the crisis. Raw materials are running out, energy is becoming scarce and globalization is making new, small-scale production essential. That requires engagement and resoluteness. And, no, they are not disheartened. They are enterprising and have no trouble switching between industrial and independent production. They are pragmatists and are oblivious to existing boundaries that compartmentalize art, design, science and even the service industries. They plot their own course, and their course is in ascendance. They are next up!”
Jeroen Junte is freelance designjournalist, curator, moderator en eventorganisator. Hij werkt vast voor de Volkskrant, het internationale magazine Frame en maandbladen als
Elle Decor, Architectuur NL en is bovendien auteur van designboeken zoals de reisgids MUST SEE – design in Nederland, het overzichtswerk Think Dutch. Conceptual Design & Architecture from the Netherlands en het tweetalige boek Hands on: Dutch design in de 21ste eeuw. In 2014 was hij curator van de expositie Slow Tech – Design between Craft and Industry in cultureel platform WOW in Amsterdam. Sinds 2012 organiseert Junte in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam het tweemaandelijkse live magazine Design Matters, met interviews, presentaties, debatten, gesproken columns en lezingen door uiteenlopende gasten.

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